Don’t Touch My TV Presenter

Actor, scenarists, and humorist.

Producer on TV and the radio. Cyril Hanouna gained his popularity through hosting the famous talk show Don’t Touch My TV. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Hanouna passed through separate life stages that more or less contributed to his success.

Between scandals and successes, Cyril’s life was under the microscope.


His full name is Cyril Valery Isaac Hanouna. Born on September 23rd, 1974, Hanouna is the child of two Jewish Tunisian couple.

He moved with his parents to France from Tunis in 1969. While his dad opened a medical cabin, his mom owned a luxurious clothes shop.

Scholar path

The scholar life of Cyril was special. He revealed in the final episode of his show to the fans about his unimpressive journey.

His mom always thought that her son is on top of his class, but the truth is that Cyril was faking his grades by filing reports, and not holding back to give extra remarkable feedback such as “He has an engineering career”

As predictable, his parents always wondered how these high notes can cause their son’s failure to pass.

After getting his general high school diploma, Cyril followed in accounting specialty but ended in television instead of a desk.


His love for television started at a young age, where he appeared for the first time on-screen at the age of 15.

In 1993, Cyril was noticed by a friend backstage, but it was not until 1997 when he was just an intern on the channel Comedy, that his career started to uncover.

Cyril had to pass by different stains before he finally decided to write the television series on my mother’s life, played on France TV for over a year.

Time passed fast in Hanouna’s life, many workshops and positions he had occupied. The previously mentioned positions allowed him to make contacts before he announced his intentions for the presidency of France TV in 2015.

His estimated salary is 40.000 Euro per month, and some consider him the owner of the C8 channel.

Personal life

Although his show brought him success, it was on the other side scandalous.

A lot of his guests thought of the show’s humor as a humiliation. Also, thought of him as homophobic after publishing a picture wearing a white dress.

At the age of 30, Cyril left his parents’ house. Sometime after, in 2003, he met his first wife Emilie.

Cyril had two kids before he divorced his wife in 2019.

The person in question owns a heavy history when it comes to producing, acting, and even on the radio, but in the same boat, he often got himself to the spotlight of gossips.

However, the journals like the Figaro did not hesitate to swipe critics such as crowning Cyril the clown of the year.

The long path of the producer has been animated by several accusations that often, amused him.

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