Antique tiara and prices in Australia

During ancient times, tiaras were used to adorn brides for their wedding day and made from leaves. But over time, it has developed into a more elegant and elaborately designed status symbol for women of high status and royalty. 

Traditionally, the wearing of tiara invokes influence and nobility. The wearing of tiaras caught on during the 19th century, where you will see celebrities and famous personalities wearing their tiaras during actual events to show their high status. 

But recently, tiaras are no longer the privilege of the famous and wealthy. It has grown popular as one of the many options for bridal head jewellery. The tiara has become a significant wedding accessory that helps bring out the bride’s beauty and the wedding dress. 

Tiaras can come in a variety of styles and designs that can suit the taste of the bride. The use of the tiara was even made famous by royalties as Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. There are several styles of tiaras to choose from depending on them of the dress and wedding.

The Regal is the most likely style of tiara that you will see being worn by royalty. It is the most formal and has more height compared to the other types. 

The Wreath is a nature-inspired designed tiara usually with a floral or vine design. It’s perfect for a natural themed wedding. The Bun wrap is generally placed at the back of the head and is relatively formal. 

The Headband is a simple tiara and worn flat against the head. It is very subtle, low-key and elegant. The Double band is popular with modern brides because it’s comfortable to wear and can match different dress type and looks like a classic headband. 

The Wishbone is a more vintage style that can be a double or single row design. This style is very versatile and can be adorned with pearls and crystals. 

How much is a tiara

Tiaras has an extensive price range. My mate Tim from plastering Hobart bought a really cheap one from a local market in Hobart City. You can buy a tiara made of plastic and rhinestones for $20. A typical mid-range tiara made from metal and crystals is around $50-$200. A little more expensive but the quality of its artistry and design is better than the cheaper ones. 

More expensive but well-crafted tiaras can cost between $200-$700 and most designers are with these categories. But there are also high-end tiaras that can go as high as hundreds of thousands and usually heirloom quality and adorned with diamonds and precious metals like gold or silver. 

In Australia, Vintage and Heirloom Tiaras range from $240-$400 on online stores. Some of them are made from high-quality cubic zircon crystals.

The Mystic Tiara with a three-dimensional French lace, antique gold with Swarovski crystal and pearl centred flower design cost $899.00. A handmade Silver plated Cherry blossom inspired tiara made by Melbourne Jewelers is priced at $1,395.00 and is encrusted with 1000 fine crystals. 

The Australian Jewel retailer Linneys’ bought a rare Argyle pink diamond tiara for $2 million. Royal Jeweler Asprey of London designed the tiara. Linneys’ Jewelry Company is located in Perth, Sydney, and Broome.

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